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The science of love VS Human Computer Interaction

February 27, 2009


The science of love, Inspired by a marvelous video by Helen Fisher, I wanna borrow this metaphor and apply that to human-computer interaction, since J. Bronowski told us: Innovation is the creation of the unity in what is diverse by the discovery of unexpected likeness. According to her theory, there’re three types of love, and […]

The beauty of a second language, and how this matters to UI design

February 24, 2009


English is my second language, I began to contaminate this language when I was 21. The learning process brings me so much pain. Even today I vividly recalled in my dreams of my first year in US(when I spoke and understood none English)that how scared I was all the time. After a long silence acquisition […]

Scratching the surface

August 27, 2008


I have been using iPhone for three weeks now. Here’s a normal iPhone user daily schedule. 7:00 AM: iPhone Alarm wakes me up 7:01 AM: Check facebook, twitter, mySpace, Blog, School email, Gmail, company email, open MC chats, log into msn and AIM, Gmail, skype(wifi), IRC(wifi).Quickly check TODO. 7:05 AM: Fully wake up. Hold iPhone […]

Lifestream – Redesign history and bookmarking – Wei Zhou

July 7, 2008


MISSION Welcome to lifestream!The goal is to find a cool way to organize history and bookmarking for the next-generation browser.Obviously those mock-ups are not good enough, that’s why I put it up here and I welcome all kinds of criticism.If you have any valuable suggestions, leave me a comment, I’ll visualize the idea for you, […]