GPS should make people feel better of themselves, so as other softwares.

April 17, 2009


Yesterday at Hugh Dubberly‘s class, Chris, Paul, Phil, Kyle and I were studying some UX theories. For some reason Chris began to complain how much he hated his Garmin GPS: It apparently gives him sort of connivence and freedom of exploring a city, but at the same time it makes him lose the ability of […]

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Luxurious software

April 15, 2009


Sounds intriguing, I know. Software as a luxury. I had a hard time propose and market this idea to my peers. It indeed comes from my terribly artistic psyche, but that’s also a buzzword hidden in all the things we talk about today, User-centered design, web 3.0, SNS, etc., I have been thinking about this […]

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UX + Branding case: a Chinese web 2.0 beauty website that expands fantasy.

April 6, 2009


Recently I’m attending CHI at Boston. I got a chance to hang out with my high school friends who happen to attend harvard and MIT here. I’m happy to find my best friends are way more successful than I do – I’m impressed that they(who used to be my crappy highschool mates)becomes the leader of […]

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The future web trends talk

April 1, 2009


I gave a talk about future web trends the other day, here’s a link for the original Vimeo video: Design or Die – Innovation, UCD, Web and Life (Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Spring 09) from Mozilla Labs – Concept Series on Vimeo. I listed four themes for the future web, they are: 1. Data. Open, […]

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The science of love VS Human Computer Interaction

February 27, 2009


The science of love, Inspired by a marvelous video by Helen Fisher, I wanna borrow this metaphor and apply that to human-computer interaction, since J. Bronowski told us: Innovation is the creation of the unity in what is diverse by the discovery of unexpected likeness. According to her theory, there’re three types of love, and […]

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The beauty of a second language, and how this matters to UI design

February 24, 2009


English is my second language, I began to contaminate this language when I was 21. The learning process brings me so much pain. Even today I vividly recalled in my dreams of my first year in US(when I spoke and understood none English)that how scared I was all the time. After a long silence acquisition […]

from Knight Rider to Ubiquity

February 17, 2009


Knight Rider has always been my favorite TV show. Yesterday during an unexpected insomnia I re-watched the recent 18 episodes, and interestingly, K.I.T T reminds me of Ubiquity. I dreamed about my browser could do what KITT can do yesterday, when I waked up, I believe the first thing I should do is to give […]