What does future digital businesses need?

Posted on April 4, 2012


What does future digital businesses need?

This world goes digital. It’s inevitable, intense and on-going. It is heavily relying on new trends of technology, which fosters to create two identities for each individual(a real self and a second digital self). As these two selves melt together, humanity, culture, nature and business are altered into one single important realm: DESIGN. Why?
The major difference between humans and other animals is that “we as human beings are constantly and reflectively changing and creating things and values”.  If we deconstruct human brain we would find the human brain is perfectly designed to align with our worldly visionary pattern: The left brain, the logic one, is constantly seeking efficiency. While the right brain, the emotional one, is relentlessly creating value. It’s not hard to take the assumption that the most valuable human behavior is creating innovative businesses that transforms needs and wants into meaningful realities. We believe a business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value. A designer’s job is to extend the boundaries of thought, to generate new options, and, ultimately, to create value for users. This requires the ability to imagine “that which does not exist.” We are convinced that the rolls and attitude of the design profession are prerequisites for success in the business model generation. We can boldly assume the future business practitioners needs both knowledge of business and design to create truly innovative and successful digital products.
SMALL and HUMAN. Information technology rapidly reshapes the world and renders it as a flat and mash-able space. Technology and resources become less and less important factors for business creation. IT starts to penetrate human nature and immerses into every single aspect of daily lives. We conclude that a potential successful business model needs a solid and careful observation of human wants and needs. If a small business model can solve a tiny problem in a set environment – it could be used as a independent pattern for successful value creation. It contains a timeless value that can be used directly or replicated in a similar environment. We then assume the user experience design associated with that pattern is positive and with a guaranteed business value in it. Venture capitalists love these small and human business ideas.
Everyone is entrepreneur. This concept is originated from a pure fact: we now even see elementary school students creating iPhone apps to bring in extra income. The income tunnel is not entirely related with age, profession or geo. A simple idea with limited capital and human resource could become a marketable business model and potentially bringing in revenue and value.
Value Co-Creation. “Everyone is entrepreneur” is both an concept and a fact. The integration of resource becomes a must. Interdependency is necessary.
In sum. I believe digital business needs three things: Small&human, everyone as entrepreneur and value co-creation.