Location based sex service – this is ridiculous.

Posted on April 4, 2012


OK before I go ahead and make any insightful comments. All of you need to know this popular mobile app: Mo Mo. (Chinese name, 陌陌). It could be directly translated as “strange strange”. And it’s a location based sex hookup software (tho it’s not explicitly explained on their website). 

Go ahead and download this app here

If you know Chinese well – go ahead and read this page, this explains the skills you’ll need to pick up girls. 

Everyone else thinks this app is gonna be huge someday and has the potential to beat up weixin (biggest voice instant chatting app developed by Tencent China) and weibo(Largest SNS micro-blogging site that gains facebook like attention in China, developed by Sina).

The reason behind this is quite scientific – it meets human being’s basic desires. 

And I just think this is soooo wrong. A digital products’s moral value should be considered into development. 

Compared to Path (A very poetic, private and life-enhancing experience), Mo Mo is so wrong in almost every way. 


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