why you should marry a designer

Posted on September 25, 2009


Many facts suggest that you should marry to a designer.

First, designer are smart and constantly optimizing user experiences in their lives. Today designers are no longer artist, almost all of them are tech-savvy and bright. They like solving problems- so they are fully capably of fixing pipes for you; they are curious about everything in the world – your life will be fulfilled surprises. For designers, a string of URL gives them a whole new free toy to play with which immediately makes your life beautiful – they are not nagging like others because they are always playing or making stuff: you’ll have customized everything in your house and hand-made wine, chocolate, card and cake in your wedding anniversary.

Second. Designers are rich. They are born entrepreneurs, that means they are seeking every way of making money with innovative ideas. Don’t be surprised if you know a designer has 6 companies at the same time. Today design has never attracted as much attentions as it used to be – it encapsulates so many levels of skillets; as designers, they are much more powerful than they were: because they are designing business for other people.

Third, designers have freedom. Freelance designer is surely the best job in the world – not only because the nature of design requires the usage of both right and left brain so you won’t risk your other half having high suicide rate as a creative writers or artists, or retiring intelligence of football players. Designers surely look younger because the beauty and harmony they involve with everyday, and yes, as freelancers, they sleep a lot everyday, and if you like, they have the time to pick up kids.

Fourth, designers are happy people. Designers have the best friends. Their clients are passionate and hopeful people with fantastic dreams who believe beautiful design can make a difference in their life – never a change of dealing with desperate and angry clients as lawyers do everyday.

Fifty, designers are family guys and girls. They may like clubbing but never as much as they love their job or their life. They are never wasted as investment bankers do. Designers spend money appropriately because design is the art of balancing limited resource and quality. You’ll find your life quality increased significantly after you live with her/him, with less money, of course.

Yeah, marry a designer, you’ll never be wrong.

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