The future web trends talk

Posted on April 1, 2009


I gave a talk about future web trends the other day, here’s a link for the original Vimeo video:

Design or Die – Innovation, UCD, Web and Life (Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Spring 09) from Mozilla Labs – Concept Series on Vimeo.

I listed four themes for the future web, they are:

1. Data. Open, linked data and Metadata.

– Semantic web

– Human computation

2. Self. Self representation.

– Personalization

– Self extension

3. World. A connected world.

– Tangible interaction

– Contextual awareness

4. Life. A digitalized life.

– Virtual reality

– Service web

I also raised about the topics of:

1. What is design?

2. Designer’s multiple roles

3. Where indeed does innovation come from?

4. Custimazable user centered design process.

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