Another reason to hate live search

Posted on December 12, 2008


I searched “wei zhou” in live search, pretty much just for curiosity, then this result pops out first:

Buy Wei. You may get 8% off with PalPal if eligible. – eBay…Wei Zhou, an interaction designer, currently pursuing her master degree in Carnegie Mellon…

I wonder how this could happen!

Also, here’s a recent poster for a social networking website development plan:The pattern of extended Self in interaction design research

And yap, a video sketch for service design class – if you are still familiar with Steve Won and Maria Emerson, two interns in Mozilla last and this summer, you’ll be surprised because ” they are going to have a baby!”… the video is done within 35 hours – of course, continuously 35 hours.

Sync video

Check it out! it’s really fun!I’ll update my portfolio in the winter.

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