Service design & three Mozilla interns get together

Posted on November 13, 2008


This story can only happen in Carnegie Mellon University. I always love CMU over Yale, because CMU promotes team work, I can work with people from different backgrounds here, where designers, psychologists, MBA students, HCI researchers and computer scientists get together, and we work with real clients all the time. I’m a way happier than I was in Yale.

Three ex-Mozilla interns, me, Maria, and Steve were assigned into the same team in Shelley Evenson’s service design class. It’s absolutely a coincidence, so we subconsciously keep low-key and not ware Mozilla T-shirts all three people together at the same time. So far we work very hard on making our design not suck. However we maybe embedded Mozilla’s soul into our process – a pure clean service system, with personalized service “plug-ins”. I’m really looking forward how the final prototype would be.

Yeah, we strive to be the best team in this class. GO TEAM!

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