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Posted on November 5, 2008


I haven’t updated my blog for a while. The FLU is really killing me. I just got to know there’re different kinds of FLUs, and I am the lucky person who is got attacked by more than one.

But nothing can stop me doing fun stuff. These are screen shots for my recent project “Digital Self”. I programmed it in processing. Haha, I have to admit it, when comes to the UI stuff, processing sucks.

Well, the basic idea, as I said before, the web browser knows more than you know about yourself. As much as I analyze the data, I realized those “Google map search” means more than just one keyword, it encapsulates all my feelings and emotions at that time. I vividly remember the moment I searched “Mountain view taxi” when my car was broken and I was anxious about being late to airport. These stories, alone with the search keywords, suddenly jump out of my mind, like I pressed the Replay button of a movie player. If we see in the near future, a software can be expressed in an art form, and the fundamental question would be  “How do we enhance meaningful human experience “. The browsing history, literally becomes a backup memory library.

I didn’t do a good job because of time constraints.  This application reads your local moz_places.sql file, and sorts the browsing data either by category or time. You can enter an estimation of how much time you spend online for sth, and the application will tell you how to monitor yourself better. 😀


This is the animated beginning. Each dot represents one single site entry.(by site, not by url).



Yeah, that’s my own data. Haha. You can see I actually spend a lot of time studying and working!

Well, if you are interested in this visualization application, please email me your moz_place.sqlite file. 😀

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