Bauhous and Google products

Posted on September 2, 2008


Actually I like Google products over a lot of others. But there’s something out there makes me not a big fan of it. Eventually I cannot endure it anymore and decide to write something. I think Google, being considered as one of the leading software companies in the world, has the responsibility to make their product user experience not suck, not only in terms of usability, but of aesthetics.

If everybody is using Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Doc, we begin to lose our control over our choices of web applications, just as we have to use Windows OS. So welcome to a software modernism age. Welcome Google’s fast-food web apps. Keep Google Bauhaus design doctrine in mind: “Our Web Apps are so simple, secure and fast, that’s all you need for your Internet.”

Is simple, secure and fast all we want? If design is about the value,not the truth, where can we target our values in this fast-food software culture? When can a piece of software become a form of art, bringing people altimate enjoyment?When can a web Apps functions beyond a tool, behave like a digital being or digital asistant that help us in an interesting and considerate way? Can softare have personalities, catering to their master(user)’s ever-changing needs and interests? Google basically ignores all of those possibilities and proves itself proudly: A group of engineers, make softwares, work hard to make every engineer happy, and change every Internet user to a engineer.

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