Debriefing and Proposal

Posted on August 5, 2008


My internship ends at Aug 23th, meaning officially I only have 15 days to contribute to Firefox. I will continue working as a contributor for Mozilla at school, so anybody needs a UI designer, a flash AS coder, a web designer or a CG artist and dev, ping me “Wei”on IRC or email me at’m more than glad to help.

By the end of yesterday, proud as I am, tried 500 add-ons and extensions for firefox, as well as successfully developed a hobby of working for Mozilla. Work is just more fun than fun. The Summit gave me insights of how an open-source community could attract so much passionate developers – but I hope in the future, designer contributors could be largely involved to improve the user experience of future web.

I’m doing two things this week.

1. Design the first version of the Firefox phone. 2. Trying to write a brief overview of all Firefox add-ons and extensions, and find design implications based on it.

This media player UI design costs me Friday whole day. I designed 12 versions and choose those two. It’s hard to choose between concept 1 and concept 2, because I liked them both. User testing result shows people tends to like concept 1.Which one do you like better?

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