Location based sex service – this is ridiculous.

April 4, 2012


OK before I go ahead and make any insightful comments. All of you need to know this popular mobile app: Mo Mo. (Chinese name, 陌陌). It could be directly translated as “strange strange”. And it’s a location based sex hookup software (tho it’s not explicitly explained on their website).  Go ahead and download this app […]

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What does future digital businesses need?

April 4, 2012


In sum. I believe digital business needs three things: Small&human, everyone as entrepreneur and value co-creation.

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Is the browser dying? Is user interface dying? Long live user experience.

September 8, 2010


I haven’t use my browser for almost a week…yes. I cannot believe it is happening, and it’s happening so fast – people spend less and less time with their browser right now. And as an user experience designer I’d like to say, this fact reflects a change of Internet lifestyle. This is pretty significant in […]

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Tencent QQ UX design – Chinese user experience products is picking up…are we ready for the combat?

April 27, 2010


This article is about an reflection on a user experience design of a popular Chinese chatting software – QQ. I think UX experts can learn from about International digital products business development and culture barrier issues by studying their case. QQ has proven to be the best chatting software among all existing ones(it has the […]

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It’s really not all about money

March 5, 2010


When I studied Graphic Design in Yale University, my professor told me a universal truth: “When you choose a career path the primary thing is figure out if you would enjoy the details.” I realized at a young age that I don’t enjoy choosing typefaces among a thousand of options, so I quit graphic design. […]

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From dating experience to real identity crisis of the web

December 11, 2009


If anybody cares, I haven’t access my blog, facebook, twitter, IM and any other social media for exactly one month. During this period I asked myself one single question: what does humanity really mean today on the web? What is the biggest challenge here for the next generation’s user experience design?… One month ago my […]

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why you should marry a designer

September 25, 2009


Many facts suggest that you should marry to a designer. First, designer are smart and constantly optimizing user experiences in their lives. Today designers are no longer artist, almost all of them are tech-savvy and bright. They like solving problems- so they are fully capably of fixing pipes for you; they are curious about everything […]

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