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Location based sex service – this is ridiculous.

April 4, 2012


OK before I go ahead and make any insightful comments. All of you need to know this popular mobile app: Mo Mo. (Chinese name, 陌陌). It could be directly translated as “strange strange”. And it’s a location based sex hookup software (tho it’s not explicitly explained on their website).  Go ahead and download this app […]

Tencent QQ UX design – Chinese user experience products is picking up…are we ready for the combat?

April 27, 2010


This article is about an reflection on a user experience design of a popular Chinese chatting software – QQ. I think UX experts can learn from about International digital products business development and culture barrier issues by studying their case. QQ has proven to be the best chatting software among all existing ones(it has the […]

It’s really not all about money

March 5, 2010


When I studied Graphic Design in Yale University, my professor told me a universal truth: “When you choose a career path the primary thing is figure out if you would enjoy the details.” I realized at a young age that I don’t enjoy choosing typefaces among a thousand of options, so I quit graphic design. […]

From dating experience to real identity crisis of the web

December 11, 2009


If anybody cares, I haven’t access my blog, facebook, twitter, IM and any other social media for exactly one month. During this period I asked myself one single question: what does humanity really mean today on the web? What is the biggest challenge here for the next generation’s user experience design?… One month ago my […]

why you should marry a designer

September 25, 2009


Many facts suggest that you should marry to a designer. First, designer are smart and constantly optimizing user experiences in their lives. Today designers are no longer artist, almost all of them are tech-savvy and bright. They like solving problems- so they are fully capably of fixing pipes for you; they are curious about everything […]

UX + Branding case: a Chinese web 2.0 beauty website that expands fantasy.

April 6, 2009


Recently I’m attending CHI at Boston. I got a chance to hang out with my high school friends who happen to attend harvard and MIT here. I’m happy to find my best friends are way more successful than I do – I’m impressed that they(who used to be my crappy highschool mates)becomes the leader of […]

The future web trends talk

April 1, 2009


I gave a talk about future web trends the other day, here’s a link for the original Vimeo video: Design or Die – Innovation, UCD, Web and Life (Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Spring 09) from Mozilla Labs – Concept Series on Vimeo. I listed four themes for the future web, they are: 1. Data. Open, […]

Mozilla Design challenge

February 4, 2009


As I always love design challenges, here’s the email I received from my adviser, I’m glad to know it finally becames a course project, which I originally wanted to do here in basic interaction design class I TAed last semester. “Dear CMU designers, Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, has just announced the […]

Another reason to hate live search

December 12, 2008


I searched “wei zhou” in live search, pretty much just for curiosity, then this result pops out first: Buy Wei. You may get 8% off with PalPal if eligible. – eBay…Wei Zhou, an interaction designer, currently pursuing her master degree in Carnegie Mellon… I wonder how this could happen! Also, here’s a recent poster for […]

Service design & three Mozilla interns get together

November 13, 2008


This story can only happen in Carnegie Mellon University. I always love CMU over Yale, because CMU promotes team work, I can work with people from different backgrounds here, where designers, psychologists, MBA students, HCI researchers and computer scientists get together, and we work with real clients all the time. I’m a way happier than […]

Digital Self

November 5, 2008


I haven’t updated my blog for a while. The FLU is really killing me. I just got to know there’re different kinds of FLUs, and I am the lucky person who is got attacked by more than one. But nothing can stop me doing fun stuff. These are screen shots for my recent project “Digital […]

Internet Self

September 21, 2008


I’m recently obsessed with human identity, perception and self-expression. In Stacie’s course ‘ Information and interaction’, I proposed to do a 6 weeks project naming “Digital Self”. The goal is quite simple: Explore the difference between your real self in the society and your digital self on the Internet.  The method is even simpler: by […]

Bauhous and Google products

September 2, 2008


Actually I like Google products over a lot of others. But there’s something out there makes me not a big fan of it. Eventually I cannot endure it anymore and decide to write something. I think Google, being considered as one of the leading software companies in the world, has the responsibility to make their […]

Scratching the surface

August 27, 2008


I have been using iPhone for three weeks now. Here’s a normal iPhone user daily schedule. 7:00 AM: iPhone Alarm wakes me up 7:01 AM: Check facebook, twitter, mySpace, Blog, School email, Gmail, company email, open MC chats, log into msn and AIM, Gmail, skype(wifi), IRC(wifi).Quickly check TODO. 7:05 AM: Fully wake up. Hold iPhone […]

Debriefing and Proposal

August 5, 2008


My internship ends at Aug 23th, meaning officially I only have 15 days to contribute to Firefox. I will continue working as a contributor for Mozilla at school, so anybody needs a UI designer, a flash AS coder, a web designer or a CG artist and dev, ping me “Wei”on IRC or email me at […]

Lifestream – Redesign history and bookmarking – Wei Zhou

July 7, 2008


MISSION Welcome to lifestream!The goal is to find a cool way to organize history and bookmarking for the next-generation browser.Obviously those mock-ups are not good enough, that’s why I put it up here and I welcome all kinds of criticism.If you have any valuable suggestions, leave me a comment, I’ll visualize the idea for you, […]

Browser 2015 topics – from wiki

June 27, 2008


Introduction Firefox 3 is undoubtedly a very good browser for now, but in order to keep the top of the game in a long run, it is very necessary to explore the new possibilities for next generation’s of web browser. We noticed there’re some hot trendy topics in interaction community, we assume those thoughts could […]


June 25, 2008


I am going to prepare two presentations on the Summit. One is about next generation’s web browser, the other one is about user research on web browsers. I copied the wiki text here and today I need to come up a plan. History & Future: Imagining the web browser of 2015 [faaborg, wei] size: 100-200 […]

Why a “Read it Later”extension?

June 19, 2008


Belzner introduced us this website today: Indeed.Organizing bookmarks is one of the worst things I’d like to do by myself – I do need a artificial intelligent existence to do this for me – it is a tedious, boring and disgusting user experience for our human beings. For firefox 3, the awesome bar is […]

Week 2. Brainstorming phase 2. July 9 – July 13

June 13, 2008


What do I plan to do? Continue brainstorming the ideas for future web browsers Conduct 2 surveys to understand the pain point of using bookmarks and URL bar. Conduct a survey to know how smart a web browser can go based on current user’s understanding of browsers. 3 visualizations or static mock-ups of my favorite […]

Week 1. Brainstorming. July 29 – June 6

June 13, 2008


What do I plan to do? Brainstorming for future web browsers. What did I do? 35 sketches on paper, 22 sketches on computer. Feedbacks: 1. Good sketches 2. For next stage, focus on 4 important topics Keyboard UI Bookmark management and history management URL bar, search bar and awesome bar integration Infinite scrolling solution 3. […]

Browser madness

June 11, 2008


Click to see week1.pdf (all my previous sketches)

Small screen for Miso

June 11, 2008


iCompass tells you the best time to call your friends or family members Neverland is a device for people to collect their favorite places and build their own “favplace”museum Goal for this class: Design two applications, one about time, one about space. These are my solutions. Due to limited time, I’ll upload the flash interaction […]


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